Wednesday 3 April 2013: Peter
Peter Vroon is an all-round cool guy and one of the nicest persons I know. Easy to recognize because of his colorful clothing, his ever present bandana and of course his camera. He is a passionate and active photographer: shooting concerts, portraits, funerals and lots of free work:
Last year Peter and I did a photographic project, under the working title “holy holy”. Together with a stylist, make up artist and a writer we made a series of the 7 virtues and 7 sins. A real inspiring and fun project to do, because of all the creative people that were in. Not only was working together on the photo shoots a great experience, the brainstorm sessions before the shoots were big fun as well. Thinking out creative ideas, with a bottle of whisky always at hand.
Today I shot a portrait of him in his studio and we talked about getting together soon to think about a new creative project..